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Warehousing and Logistics Management Software
  • Receiving : Gain insights into shipments that have been delivered, but that are not yet at their final location. Make sure items at low stock levels are staged and put away first, reducing the impact of out-of-stocks and inefficient fulfillment processes.
  • Put-Away : Know the location of all inventory on your shelves. Route your workers to the right location, set up their picks in the proper order to minimize travel time.
  • Packing : Ensure the accuracy of each order that is picked and reduce material costs by determining the right sized shipping carton.
  • Shipping : See that each order is properly packaged and shipped to the right destination and delivered on the right date.
  • Picking : Improve error-proofing and productivity in the picking process. Workers receive their picks on a mobile device that routes them to the proper location.
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