vehicle-trackingVehicle Tracking Software

Real time vehicle tracking means that the tracking device relays the information and its location live to your PC. In other words you can view the location and other information live and in real time. With iCanSoft’s Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System, your mobile workforce need never be out of sight or mind. iCanSoft offers real time data, including vehicle location, speed and other information, all at your fingertips.

Our 100% web based vehicle platform provides round the clock visibility and control of your mobile workforce by offering following features:

  • View current position and status of vehicles
  • Easily identify the nearest vehicle to a location
  • Historical data of routes, site visits, vehicle speeds, idling, driver behaviour and much more
  • A range of alarms and alerts
  • Improved security and protection for drivers and vehicles
  • Record out of hours / unauthorized vehicle use
  • Reports - tailored and emailed to your inbox
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